Why aen90.com?
a = art
e = est
n = net
90 = date of start up
.com = on the net

Graphic Design Solutions:

We create logos, books, brochures, posters, banners, magazines, annual reports, office stationary, packaging design, product catalogues, promotional material, press advertisements… Combining creativity and acknowledged design principles, we provide practical design solutions for your printed material, working with your existing graphics and images or developing and sourcing new ones.

About the founder: Luc Marin started his own company L’ART EST NET (which in French means ART IS NEAT) in 1990 in France with 2 of his classmate all graduating from the Fine Art School “l’Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux Arts” in Bordeaux . in 2005, Following a few very successful years in Bordeaux where they became a prominent studio consisting of 7 designers, he moved to the UAE. L’ART EST NET, based in Dubai, works for big, medium and small companies amongst which are Bourjois, Legrand, Tag Heuer, the French Business Council… his clients range from start-ups to well known brands as well as the public sector.

Luc participated alongside the Dubai government team in putting together the pitch for the International exhibition Expo 2020, Dubai UAE

Being a small structure enables him to work efficiently and effectively offering a high-end quality design and development solutions at competitive prices.

Contact Luc at lm@aen90.com